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Canadian Loon


An environmentally friendly, non-polluting transportation system, a prototype for the future, stretching across Canada, serving both as an educational tool and tourist attraction, later as a connection between new habitats in the North and existing developments in the rest of Canada, and reducing the cost of the transportation of goods.

The A1 is Canada's highway coast to coast: this will be the rail equivalent, and the new trains will become a national icon, superseding the present fluctuating trans-Canada rail systems.


Our mission is to create a new railway line from coast to coast in Canada which will embrace areas hitherto unreachable in Canada's frozen North, but which will be opened up as climate change takes effect. Crossing virgin territory in an environmentally-friendly manner, and with no negative impact on wildlife, new technologies will be used to eliminate or minimize maintenance and to cause only temporary and minor disturbance to the environment while under construction.


  • Overseer:
  • Business Consultant: Dr Milson Macleod is bi-lingual English-German and has a wide business background, including over two decades of experience in materials management in a major municipal government. He introduced guidelines and procedures in the purchasing field, especially electronic purchasing, where he was a pioneer in the integration of electronic financial systems, and was highly regarded as both a researcher and problem solver. A paradigm pioneer.
  • Trustee:
  • Anna Becker, CPP, a long-standing member of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, a professional purchaser, now entrepreneur, with long experience in university and municipal materials management.
  • Chief Financial Officer:
  • Dima Krushynyn has a Masters Degree in Economics & Finance


    The Canadian federally incorporated non-profit corporation, 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation, in its restructured post-NESARA form, will create an account for the nominated Trustee, who will receive the funds allotted to this project and authorize all expenditures, in conjunction with the various municipal authorities involved.

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